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Excursion to Peralla castle | TOSZKÁN SZÁLLÁS

Excursion to Peralla castle

Peralla castle

The remains of Peralla Castle are near the village Pieve di Camaiore, 300 meters above sea level.
The ruins of the tower built in 1208 and some of the walls have been preserved. Great place for a trip from the apartment.

Peralla castle    Peralla castle

It is not known who owned this castle, but according to the estimates of the 14th century it can be assumed that it was influenced by the lords of Montemagno.

„[…] Peralla is in a very high mountain at the root of the Alpe, in the valley where the best fruits of this country are born, and that brought seven hundred men to battle […].” (Bianco Bianchi, „History of the country Camaiore ”, 1528 – 1532).

Another castle is the Castello della Penna.

Peralla      Peralla

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