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The beautiful markets in tuscany | TOSZKÁN SZÁLLÁS

The beautiful markets in tuscany

Marker Market

In every place in Tuscany there are beautiful markets at least once a week:
In Lucca there is a typical Italian market that runs around the city wall.

A real insider tip is the market in the VIP town of Forte Dei Marmi. It is not one of the classic markets with fruits and vegetables and flowers, but there are the most beautiful dresses, coats, belts, bags, shoes, cashmere scarves „made in Italy”. Many cashmere stalls with fantastic sweaters, scarves, jackets, bags and belts made of snake leather. Italian designer shoes from Prada or Cesare Piaciotti can be found in this wonderful market.

Most markets across Tuscany setup and shut down around the same times. Stalls will be fully ready for the day’s splendour around 6 am, and the last sale will come close to 1 pm so the vendors can avoid the the scorching tuscan sun.


City center: Friday
Lido di Camaiore: Monday
Capezzano Pianore: Tuesday

Piazza Marconi: Wednesday
– Sunday, May 1 – October 31.

Center: Tuesdays

Statuto Square: Tuesday
Vallecchia: Friday
Tonfano: Saturday

Middle: Monday
Querceta: Saturday

Wednesday, Saturday

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