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The town Camaiore in tuscany | TOSZKÁN SZÁLLÁS

The town Camaiore in tuscany


Santa Maria Asunta
church Santa Maria Asunta

Camaiore is a medieval magical city that has become increasingly important in tourism in recent years. We are not only talking about Versilia, but also one of the most interesting and characteristic cities in Tuscany. A place where you can walk in peace and enjoy delicious food in typical restaurants.

church San Pietro
church san pietro

Geographically, the municipality of Camaiore has four main areas:
The mountains above. This area includes a number of interesting mountain towns such as Pedona, Monteggiori, Santa Lucia and Casoli. The same mountainous regions have become destinations for international tourists in the last few years who are looking for peace and relaxation without being too far from the sea.

the beach

With its beautiful pedestrian zone in the historic center
The central valley with the city of Capezzano, famous all over the world for its flower garden (and in the past for strawberry cultivation);
With swimming on the beach (9 km from the center)


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