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Hiking tours in beautiful Tuscany | TOSZKÁN SZÁLLÁS

Hiking tours in beautiful Tuscany

For friends of hiking tours in tuscany there are many beautiful destinations in the immediate vicinity of the house.
You can just start spontaneously at the apartment and explore the area.
Olive plantations, smaller villages and wonderful views of the valley and the mountains make the hike uphill a pleasure

Hike Olive trees


You can also hike down the valley towards Camaiore and explore the city
(approx. 20 minutes on foot), walk along the Camaiore river and later rest in one of the beautiful restaurants or cafes.

Hike Hike

Of course, the area is also ideal for longer hiking tours or jogging tours. Many experienced tourers already have their own applications for their own hardware.
The following links offer a little suggestion for hiking tours in the area. If you are aware of other beautiful tours in the area for download, please let us know and we will expand this list for our future guests.


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